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Joe the Painter

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Joe and I don’t really go back a long way but we both have certainly been around awhile.  My association with Joe was through a Veterans organization and from the first time I met him, was in my boy! would like to bounces light off his face to show his personality and maybe his sea […]


She’s a Classic

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Striking Handblown Blenko Glass

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The two red-rich colors glass pieces on the ends come from Milton, WV’s, Blenko Glassworks.  This is an exercise using mini-speed lights and working the shadows from the hummingbird finial touch.


Rocky Mermaid Knife

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In the commercial world of promoting and advertising, clearly the item to be shown needs attraction by a few catchers, I have chosen not only give great detail to the knifes handle which makes the Mermaid stand-out.  I have tried to give those in the market for a photographer in promoting their pages, how did […]